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EP448 & L12-10

Canning Basin

Gulliver Productions Pty Ltd* (Operator) 78%
Indigo Oil 22%
Gulliver Productions Pty Ltd* (Operator) 100%

*Gulliver Productions is a wholly owned subsidiary of Key Petroleum Limited



EP448 lies over the Great Sandy Desert over structural elements known as the Willara Sub-basin, Munro Arch and Anketell Shelf in the south-western part of the Canning Basin, Western Australia.

The L12-10 area is adjacent to Key’s EP448 permit in the Canning Basin, Western Australia.

  • The permit is in located in difficult terrain regarded as a remote frontier block comprising of nearly 8,500km2 with limited access and where no wildcat wells have been drilled before.
  • Existing interpretations of data from wells in this part of the Basin indicate that approximately half the block is likely to be in the oil generating window.
  • Due to the proximity of the block to the basin margin, both carbonate and sandstone conventional oil play types are possible.
  • The Key has currently two mapped prospects, Griffith and Patterson, with best estimate un-risked prospective resources of 30 and 14 million barrels respectively that are ready to drill in northern part of EP448.
  • In October 2013, Key carried out the first geochemical survey of its type in this part of the Basin over an area of approximately 2,000km2 in the Great Sandy Desert (Curtly Geochemical Soil Survey). The survey assisted in defining conventional and unconventional prospects and plays within the permit. Specialist geochemical consultants collected nearly 300 samples over five days by helicopter at the same time as complex logistical well location and environmental surveys were carried out.
  • The survey, in conjunction with the available seismic, aeromagnetic and well data, identified new leads and plays over the permit detecting what is believed to be a new fairway of shallow oil prospects on trend over a source kitchen labelled the “Darriwell Sub-basin”. This was reflected in high geochemical anomalies and elevated ethane readings over mapped leads in a section to the north of the “Ambrose Low” considered to overlay petroleum source areas.

Curtly Geochemical Survey, Canning Basin, WA, October 2013

  • The area covers 19 graticular blocks and extends to the Admiral Bay Fault Zone area in the north where several wells encountered significant oil shows.
  • The area also lies adjacent to the up-dip conventional leads in Key’s mapped Ambrose Project. These leads are consistent with the high geochemical anomalies observed over this area, which are indicative of an active petroleum system.


  • 30 Oct 2013

    Curtly Geochemical Survey Canning Basin WA October 2013 more