Alexander Bayss -

Alexander Bayss

Alexander Bayss has 9 years of experience in the petroleum exploration industry throughout Australia, France and the Philippines. He has worked at Energetica Consulting as a geologist and now provides consulting services specialising in geoscience, GIS, environmental, health and safety, and regulatory fields.

He has undertaken prospect generation and evaluation projects, incorporating geological, hydrological, GIS and geophysical data to successfully design surveys, develop prospects and identify drilling targets for conventional and unconventional resources. Mr Bayss has experience with remediation and rehabilitation field operations, design and logistics. He has provided regulatory advice related to petroleum exploration, environment and health and safety throughout Australia.

Len Diekman -

Len Diekman

Mr Diekman has been a participant in technical, advisory, upper management and owner capacities since 1983 in the worldwide Energy Industries. He has developed specialist technical skills through active consultancies in processing and interpretation applications for hydrocarbon exploration and reservoir geophysics, sequence stratigraphic interpretation and basin analysis, as well as evaluation of conventional petroleum, coal seam gas and unconventional projects and investment opportunities at both technical and corporate levels. He has been intimately associated with several oil and gas discoveries and has successfully developed some of these discoveries into producing fields.

As a previous consultant to industry for 24 years, Mr Diekman has advised over 30 international and domestic companies. Prior to 1991 he worked as a geophysicist for Comalco Limited and Petroleum Securities Australia Limited in technical and management roles in Australia and in the USA. He has worked in a wide variety of geological areas and international settings including most Australian onshore and offshore basins, South East Asia, Oceania, Africa, Western Europe and the USA. He has a variety of experience with corporate entities ranging from heading-up small, pre-IPO start-up companies to advising international corporations.

In the past he has been the Managing Director of Rawson Resources Limited, Otway Energy Limited, and is currently Managing Director of Energetica Consulting. Mr Diekman continues to be an active consultant in the fields of geology and geophysics.

Dr John Conolly -

Dr John Conolly

Has 40 years experience in geology and exploration of frontier basins throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines,  Southwest Pacific Islands and New Zealand. Previously Mr Conolly worked as Professor of Geology in the USA, Managing Director of Sydney Oil Company, founding Director and Executive Chairman of Australian listed Rawson Resources Limited and is the founding and ongoing Director of geological soil survey company Petrofocus Pty Ltd. Mr Connelly is an established expert on surface geochemistry with over 100 industry journal publications and has been involved in soil-gas surveys within Australia and the USA, being credited for assisting in the location of the Nockatunga oil trend in Queensland.

Nicholas 'Paul' Adams -

Nicholas 'Paul' Adams

Has over 40 years experience in the oil and gas exploration industry, working for a variety of exploration companies in Australia and the UK including being the founding and ongoing director of Rawson Resources. Since 1987 he has provided drafting, digital mapping and database services to the oil and gas industry and has established a large petroleum exploration database.