• Overlies the Greenough Shelf in the North Perth Basin and is adjacent to the prolific Allanooka and Dongara Terraces and Dandaragan Trough.
  • Near Dongara Oil and Gas Field (6km south), Waitsia Gas Field (15km southeast) and Mount Horner Oil Field (7.5km east)
  • Located updip and within an active migration pathway of the Dongara Oil and Gas Field and Waitsia Gas Field.
  • Exploration well, Wye Knot-1, drilling commencing 2017.
  • Overlies the Allanooka Terrace in the North Perth Basin and is adjacent to the prolific Dandaragan Trough.
  • Contains the Mount Horner Oilfield which has produced approximately more than 1.7 mmbls of oil, outperforming initial volumetric estimates when the field was first discovered and developed.
  • Much of the Mount Horner oil was produced from the Jurassic level and importantly the Permian and Triassic prospectivity in the northern part of the basin appears to have been overlooked.
  • Permian and Triassic level oil prospectivity represents an underexplored oil play in the northern margin of the Perth Basin.
  • The Becos structure/lead in EP437 down-dip of the Wye-gas discovery, a similar downthrown fault play as identified in areas in L7, is now mapped to be much larger and spills into L7 based on current 2D seismic.
  • Overlies the Abrolhos Sub-basin, Houtman Sub-basin, Turtle Dover Ridge and Vlaming Sub-basin, offshore Perth Basin, Western Australia.
  • Includes the Dunsborough oil and gas discovery, and gas discoveries at Frankland and Perseverance.
  • Directly adjacent to the producing Cliff Head oil field with 9 mm bbls produced to 31 December 2009 (Department of Mines and Petroleum, 2010).
  • Single largest Australian offshore exploration area within water depths less than 200 m.